InterAACtion Manual & DVD pack

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The InterAACtion Manual & DVD pack provides you with a range of practical strategies and handouts to help you communicate successfully with others.

A comprehensive resource, it is specifically designed for people who work with adults with complex communication needs. They may have a limited ability to communicate, and often little or no functional speech.

The InterAACtion DVD portrays adults with communication needs using these strategies in a range of real life scenarios.

The scenarios featured in the DVD correspond to the learning-based worksheets in the manual. The worksheets are designed to help you identify a person’s communication needs, and make informed decisions about the most appropriate strategies to use.

The InterAACtion manual is a sequel to the Triple C Checklist of Communication Competencies (also available in the Scope shop).


  • Includes bonus InterAACtion DVD, valued at $71.50, featuring a range of real life scenarios
  • Corresponding worksheets to use as a learning tool with the DVD
  • Detailed framework, introducing a range of practical communication strategies and skills for everyday situations
  • A guide to implementing and adapting communication strategies to suit various situations and communication abilities
  • More than 30 communication strategy handouts, which can be copied and distributed around your workplace or community


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