e-Learning: Communication Access

$200.00 inc. GST


Through this course, Scope aims to build awareness of the issues facing people with a communication disability. The training is usually delivered at a face-to-face workshop, run by a Scope trainer and a Communication Access assessor. This course aims to extend Scope’s offerings to businesses and services who have limited access to this face –to- face mode of training.

Learning objectives

On completion of this course, learners should be able to:

  • understand that we all communicate in different ways
  • understand the range of communication disabilities
  • be aware of some of the communication tools and strategies used by people with communication disabilities
  • communicate respectfully and effectively with people who have communication disabilities
  • recognise the Communication Access Symbol, know what it represents, identify the features of a communication accessible environment and understand the audit process to award the symbol
  • have an understanding of the legislation that supports communication as a human right.