Customised E-Tran communication board

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The E-Tran communication board is a non-electronic communication aid that allows a person to use eye contact to spell out words to their communication partner. The E-Tran communication board is a see-through Perspex board with the alphabet and numbers displayed in eight sections. The E-Tran board is placed between the person using it and their communication partner. The person using the E-Tran board points with their eyes to indicate letters and spell out words. The communication partner follows the person’s eye gaze to see the message they are spelling out.

The E-Tran communication board can be customised to meet an individual’s communication needs. These can be symbol based, or use a different layout to the standard board.

For further support or advice customising your E-Tran Communication Board, contact one of the speech pathologists at the Communication and Inclusion Resource Centre at Scope via email,, or call 1300 4 72673.

As this product is made to order, please allow 4-6 weeks for production.


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